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Welcome to my page!

I recently finished my PhD in Chemical Physics at Harvard University. In 2010 I joined the Leschziner Lab. Our lab recently moved to the Cellular and Molecular Medicine Department at UC San Diego. My research is focused on understanding at the nanometer scale, how the molecular motors dynein and kinesin-8, work.

I am also the cofounder of Clubes de Ciencia Mexico, a science outreach initiative in Mexico. Our educational model will be expanding soon to Colombia and Bolivia.

On this website, you can read more about my research and current interests.

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Aug 1, 2015 The Leschziner and Reck-Peterson Labs just moved to UCSD!

Aug 2-8, 2015 The summer edition of Clubes de Ciencia Mexico took place in 6 cities around Mexico. More than 80 instructors from the USA and Mexico aloing with more than 650 students participated in this edition. Check out a series of videos here (In Spanish):

Conoce los Clubes de Ciencia México

Entrevista a los instructores de Clubes de Ciencia México

Futuros Científicos nos dan su opinión sobre CdeCMx

A short article (In Spanish) describing my research topic just came out in the scientific outreach magazine Investigacion y Desarrollo

Alex Ritter presented our summer results on the excahnge of IFT particles in the Chlamy flagella at the 2012 ASCB annual meeting in San Francisco!
Our paper was featured in the Harvard Gazette ("Molecular motion in detail")
Our paper was highlighted by Harvard's MCB website ("Dynein puts its best foot forward")
Our paper entitled "Structural basis for microtubule binding and release by dynein" appeared on the Science website!
Sept 2012 This site is alive!